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Arbuda Plastic Rat Bait Station.

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Arbuda Plastic Rat Bait Station

External bait stations have a detachable lid for ease of servicing and record keeping

Lockable Bait Station For the safe dispensing of rodenticides

Several securing options available aiding due diligence All common formulations can be used allowing a wide choice of rodenticides like Run Rat, Run Rat Plus

External bait stations can be used with break-back traps and liquid feeders

Tripod foot configuration aids stability Drainage barriers in the entrance of the tunnel together with additional drainage holes mean that the box is now even more water resistant

External bait stations have a metal bait rod that will hold the bait blocks securely in place

How To Use

Place bait in the bait holder in the bait station and close lid to lock.

Ensure you use enough rodenticide, as insufficient bait will reduce effectiveness (we recommend using bait sachets, as these avoid the need to touch or measure bait).

Position the bait station in a suitable location where there are signs of rodent activity(droppings or grease smears, against a wall or in a corner.

For best results use more than one bait station, positioned 10 to 15 feet (3 to 5 meters)apart; Use pegs or ties to secure the bait station in position.

Monitor activity by recording initial bait placement and when replenished; Stations should be checked daily(or at least every 2 to 3 days).

Ensure busy bait stations are always replenished

Move untouched bait stations to busier sites

Collect and securely dispose of dead rodents.

Remember to clear away bait stations after use.

NB: Ensure that children, wildlife and domestic animals can not reach the bait.

THIS IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT;Always wash your hands thoroughly after using this baits or coming into contact with rodents.