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Arbuda Run Rat Cake

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How Arbuda Run Rat Cake Work?

Arbuda RUN RAT CAKE is used as a rodenticide in urban and farm rodent control and acts by disrupting the normal blood clotting mechanisms causing an increased tendency to bleed.

Death is delayed, occurring within 3 to 10 days after feeding begins.

The rodenticidal properties of bromadiolone were reported in 1976.

It is a second generation anticoagulant that is effective against rats and mice, including those resistant to first generation anticoagulants.

Advantage of Run Rat Cake

There is no pain involved so the rodent does not associate their condition with the bait, and will return to feed.

Anticoagulants are considered "low hazard" to people and animals.

The delay in onset of symptoms allows for time to prevent serious consequences in the case of accidental poisonings in humans, pets, or wildlife.

Vitamin K1 is a readily available antidote for anticoagulant poisoning.