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Arbuda Electrical Mouse Killer

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Arbuda Electrical Mouse Killer


Delivering high voltage electronic shock to kill mice. When a mouse enters the electronic mouse killer to reach the bait, it reaches a point where it touches both killing plates and completes an electrical circuit, which kills it in seconds.


Can be used in dining-rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, hotels and any other places that mice usually appear.

Anticoagulants are considered "low hazard" to people and animals.

Easy to clean the chamber.

Set with safety protection switch to prevent accidental electric shock.

Quick and effective killing of rats; delivers high voltage electronic shock to kill them.

Four C-size batteries or the adapter DC-6V, emit a high voltage of 8000V to kill the mice.

Nonpoisonous, safe and reliable.

Low power indication.

Technical Specification

Material : ABS plastic fireproof

Material : ABS plastic fireproof

Voltage output: 6KV to 9KV

Power: 6V AC/DC power

Plug: UL/GS

Pest type: Mice/rat