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Arbuda Plastic Trapper

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Arbuda Plastic Trapper

Highly effective!

Easy & safe to use,safety for children and pets!

No poisons or chemicals,simple bait is ok!


size:14*6.5*8cm Weight:113g


press & set

No posion,reusable

The Trap can be set easily by foot or hand.

Removable bait cup so that the trap can be baited without setting it. (Makes it safe!)

Patented, interlocking teeth makes a rat escape virtually impossible.

Keep away from children & pet

How to Use

Unscrew the cover to the bait reservoir and insert the bait of your choice then replace the cover.

Press the trap open.You will hear a click when it is set.

Place the trap perpendicular to a wall where rats run with the bait reservoir closest to the wall.

Open trap to release the trapped rat into the trash.No need to touch dead rat.