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614-The slim

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614-The slim

The SLIM™ is a narrow profile, multi-catch mouse trap. The SLIM™ can be used with or without a glue board and can be placed in locations where typical light-gauge metal traps cannot fit or hold up – in warehouses between pallets, in offices between filing cabinets, and in kitchens between and behind appliances. The SLIM’s™ polycarbonate construction is extremely rugged and durable. Can be used with Hercules Putty™ for secure placement.

Narrow Profile Allows the trap to be placed in a variety of areas where other multi-catch traps

Removable Components Interior can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.cannot fit.

Dual Entry Ways Mice enter from both ends of trap.

Service Record Labels One label per trap included.

Technical Specifications

Item: 614

Series: Mouse Size

Packed: 12 Traps per Case (BULK)

Size: 2.5 x 2.25 x 16″