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Deltafog - An Introduction

DELTAFOG- A COST EFFECTIVE INSECTICIDES FOR SPACE TREATMENT, Mosquitoes are vectors of many human diseases like Malaria, Filariasis, Dengue fever, encephalitis etc. To save life of millions of people control of these mosquitoes is very necessary. DELTAFOG is ideal solution for control of mosquito through chemical method and can be used as space treatment.

DELTAFOG is an oil based concentrate formulated for dilution in diesel or kerosene an can be applied by ULV or thermal fogging as space sprays. DELTAFOG, a space spray plays a pivotal role in immediate control of adult mosquitoes and thereby cutting down the transmission cycle

The best way to stop termites from destroying homes is by applying termiquit in the soil around the structure.

Reason To Choose DELTAFOG

DELTAFOG offers broad spectrum control of flying insects both outdoors and indoors.

DELTAFOG is effective against vectors of human diseases viz. Anopheles, Culex and Aedes.

DELTAFOG is also effective against Houseflies (Musca Domestica)

DELTAFOG is safe to human beings and animal as its Acute oral LD50 (rate) > 5000 mg/kg and contains biodegradable synthetic pyrethroid.

DELTAFOG confirms to BIS Specification and WHO specification.

DELTAFOG can easily dilute in diesel or kerosene for spraying as an Ultra low volume or Thermal fogging.

DELTAFOG is Rapid knockdown effect due to maximum deposit of active material on insect’s body.

Application Methodology

Dilute DELTAFOG in diesel or kerosene and apply as a thermal fog using Arbuda Power Fogger machine. Normal dilution ratio is 1 part of DELTAFOG in 199 part of diesel / Kerosene.

For Ultra Low Volume, the maximum droplet size should not > 50 microns. Best result obtained when Droplet size is between 10-25 microns (fine aerosols) and / or between 25-50 microns (coarse aerosols). Use ARBUDA POWER FOGGER machine to produce fine /coarse droplets. Normal dilutions ratio is 1 part of DELTAFOG in 19 parts of diesel/kerosene oil.

For mosquito control, the spraying should coincide with the peak activities/biting times of the species. Mostly at dusk or night times.

Treatment outdoor should not take place during the heat of the day or if it is raining. Do not spray if the wind speed is in excess of 10 km/h. as the spray will be dispersed quickly.

For Fly control, spraying should be done in the morning when the flies are at ground level. Spray preferably those areas which are known to be the main focus of nuisance or breeding.