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MOSQUIL is a special aqueous suspended concentrate (SC) formulation of micronised deltamethrin and can be used for control of commonly known household pests like Ants, Mosquitoes, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Files, Spiders, Silverfishes etc and also for bed net impregnation.

Reason To Choose MOSQUIL

MOSQUIL gives effective control of malaria.

MOSQUIL has broad spectrum activity against household pests which are resistant to other conventional insecticides.

MOSQUIL is safe to non target animals and human beings.

MOSQUIL is cost effective due to low dosage and less rounds.

MOSQUIL is recommended and certified by National Anti Malaria Program(NAMP) for bed net impregnation.

MOSQUIL kills the insects by contact and by ingestion.

Recommendation For Household Pests

TARGET PESTS : Cockroaches,Bedbugs, Ants,Mosquitoes,Files,Spider,Mites

DOSAGE: 25 mg. a.i./sq. mt. (10 ml. in 1 Liter of water / 10 sq. mt.)

REMARKS: Spray uniformly on surface of walls,floors & also crack & crevices. Repeat spray after 30-45 days.

Bednet Impregnation

Bednets may be impregnated with MOSQUIL either by treating each net individually or by mass treatments depending on local circumstances and implementation policy of the malaria control program.

Instruction For Use In Bednet Impregnation:

Before starting wear rubber gloves, measure correct volume of MOSQUIL as per above mentioned table, pour measured volume of water into dip tank. (or bucket for small scale). Add correct volume of MOSQUIL and stir with clean stick.

Put net into liquid and push it under the surface several times for 2 minutes to ensure all areas are thoroughly wetted. Remove net and lay net flat on plastic sheet in the shade to dry. When net is relatively dry, hang it to dry under shade.

Warranty: Since storage and use of product is beyond our control, we cannot assume any responsibility other than uniform quality of the product