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Solar Snake Repeller

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Solar Snake Repeller

This unique Arbuda Solar Snake RepellerK has been developed to scare away all kinds of snakes. it emits a pulsing vibration, which the snake picks up through sensors throughout its body. The snake perceives a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area; most snakes will retreat almost immediately.



Super pulse signals

Larger area of coverage

Dual battery power

Easy to change AA rechargeable batteries.

Inbuilt battery charger.

Operation indicator light.

UV inhibiters to resist degradation in plastics.

Non rusting aluminium probe.

Robust design.

100% Safe & non toxic.

Safe around children and pets.

Will not affect other wildlife.

Solar powered with inbuilt battery charger and easy to change AA batteries.

How many to use?

A normal house block we suggest two units on in the front one in the back, for higher risk areas four units.

A larger garden the 4-6 units will give good results.

For larger sections we suggest space them at 40 meter intervals around your boundary as a general rule 8 units should give excellent coverage on an acre section.