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Arbuda Eco Size Glue Traps.

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How Arbuda Glue Traps Work?

Arbuda Glue Traps work on the same principle as flypaper: when a rat or mouse attempts to cross the glue board, the Rat gets stuck on the board due to sticky surface. Glue boards are much more effective for mice and rats.

• Step 1: Observe mouse activity. If you see a mouse in particular area repeatedly, it is a sure sign that he probably has an agenda. Perhaps he is looking for food. Or this could be the area where he enters your home.

• Step 2: Place traps with precision. If you often see a mouse in more than one location, go ahead and set out several traps in various areas to increase the chance of capture. For instance, place one under your refrigerator, inside a cabinet and behind the microwave to cover high and low spaces.

• Step 3:Put out bait. If a few days pass and you have no luck, consider placing a tasty treat on or near the glue trap. Chances are the mouse will make a dash for the food and get stuck to the glue trap in the process. Crackers, bread or granola bars make good mouse bait, and they are easy to clean up.

• Step 4: Check Arbuda Glue traps often and replace if necessary. Sometimes mouse or rat becomes so accustomed to the trap's location that he avoids it completely. Replacing and moving Arbuda Glue traps at intervals can increase the chance of a catch.

How Do I Know Rat Problem At My Place?

If the answer to any of the following questions is yes, you may have a rat problem.

Do you find rat droppings around dog or cat dishes or pet food storage containers or anywhere in your house, office etc?

Do you hear noises coming from the attic just after dusk?

Have you found remnants of rat nests when dismantling your firewood stack?

Does your dog or cat bring home dead rat carcasses?

Is there evidence rodents are feeding on fruit/nuts that are in or falling from the trees in your yard?

Do you see burrows among plants or damaged vegetables when working in the garden?

Do you see rats traveling along utility lines or on the tops of fences at dusk or soon after?

Have you found rat nests behind boxes or in drawers in the garage?

Are there smudge marks caused by the rats rubbing their fur against beams, rafters, pipes, and walls?

Do you see burrows beneath your compost pile or beneath the garbage can?

Are there rat or mouse droppings in your recycle bins?

Have you ever had to remove a drowned rat from your swimming pool or hot tub?

Do you see evidence of something digging under your garden tool shed or doghouse?