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Arbuda Power Foger.

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Arbuda Power Foger.

ARBUDA POWER FOGGING machine is a Thermal Fogger using Pulse Jet Engine Technology combined with Electronic circuit with 6 volts Battery for quick & easy start. Corrosion resistance Ensures long life & no moving parts, hence maintenance free working.

Special Features:

Light weight ONLY 8.5 Kgs. - Compact & portabl

No moving parts - hence Maintenance Free

Combination of quick start ELECTRONIC circuit with Air

Compressor & Simple Hand Pump for the 1st time in India

Instant Start with Air Compressor OR Simple Hand Pump - Starts machine within 3 to 4 strokes

Technical Specification

Type :Thermal aerosol pulse jet fogging machine

Starting mechanism :Electronic circuit with 6 Volts Battery

Air Compressor :Compact type - D.C Motor for Auto Starting

Hand Pump :Additional optional facility for Manual Starting

Carburetor :Diaphragm type with petal valve

Fuel consumption :1.5 lts/ Hour Petrol

Chemical consumption :25 - 30 lts/Hour Diesel + Chemical

Application rate :Rating 0 to 25 lts/Hour

Chemical tank :Diesel + Chemical - 4.6 lts - HDPE

Fuel tank :Petrol - 1.3 lts - Aluminium

Weight(Empty) :8.5kg(empty)