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Arbuda Rodent Bait Stations.

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Why Arbuda Rodent Bait stations are useful because they

Protect bait from moisture and dust.

Provide a protected place for rodents to feed, allowing them to feel more secure and consume more bait.

Keep non target species, including pets, livestock, wildlife, and children away from toxic baits

Allow bait to be placed in otherwise difficult locations given weather or potential hazards to non target animals.

Help to prevent accidental spillage and offer the applicator easy access to bait, making it easier to determine the amount of bait consumed by rodents, and to refill.

It can hold Glue Pads properly so rat can not take away easily.

Strong enough to prohibit entry or destruction by dogs or children under 6 years of age using their hands, feet or objects.

Capable of being locked or sealed.

Equipped with rodent entrances that readily allow target animals access to baits but deny access to larger animals and birds.

Capable of being anchored (and must be anchored when used).

Equipped with internal structures for containing baits and minimizing spillage and tracking of bait outside of the station or into readily accessible parts of the station.

Made of design and color not especially attractive to children.

Capable of displaying precautionary statements in a prominent location.