Arban TC

Arban TC

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Insecticide for control of:

  • Termites In buildings and wood borers in wood.


  • Mix 11tr. of Arban TC(Chlorpyriphos 20% EC) in 19 ltr. of water to prepare desired solution (50 ml /1 ltr. of water).


  • Treat symptomatically and supportively.

Direction of use:

Pre-Construction: The chemical emulsion shall be applied uniformly at the prescribed rate in all the stages of treatment. Arbuda PCO Sprayer or watering can be used for application of chemical emulsion.

Treatment of Masonry Foundations: Bottom surface and sides of foundation pits upto a height of 30 cm should be treated @ 5 ltr. chemical emulsion per sq. mtr of surface area.

Back fill earth in immediate contact with the foundation structure should be treated @ 7.5 ltr. per sq. mtr. of the vertical surface, of the substructure for each side.

Treatment of RCC Foundations: Treatment should start at of 50 cm below ground level @7.5 ltr. per sq. mtr.

Treatment of Top surface of plinth filling: The top surface of the consolidated earth within plinth walls shall be treated with chemical emulsion at the rate of 5 ltr. per sq. mtr. of the surface before the sand bed or sub-grade is laid.

Soil treatment along external perimeter of building: Earth along the external walls of the building should be rodded at intervals of 15 cm and to a depth of 30 cm exposing the foundation wall surface. Chemical solution should be poured along the wall @ 7.5 ltr. per sq. mtr, of vertical surface.

Treatment of soil under apron along external perimeter of Building: Top surface of the earth over which the apron is to be laid shall be treated with h Quic+olution @ 5 ltr. per sq. mtr. of the vertical surface.