Deltafog (Deltamethrin 1.25% ULV)

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Deltafog (Deltamethrin 1.25% ULV)

₹ 2025.00 / Qty


Public Health Pesticide for  control of:

  • Adult Mosquitoes
  • For indoor & outdoor
  • By thermal or ultra low volume (ULV) fogging


  • Effective against vectors of human diseases viz. Anopheles, culex & aedes species of mosquito
  • Safe for humans & animals due to low toxicity
  • WHO approved
  • Extremely low dosage
  • Cost effective

Mode of Action:

  • Contact poison having knockdown effect.


  • Diazepam. Treat symptomatically


ApplicationDosage/ Hectare (10,000 sq. mtr.) 
Al (g)Formulation (ml) Dilution in Diesel (ltr.)
Thermal Fogging0.55010
Ultra Low Volume Fogging0.5500.5