Deltar(Deltamethrin 2.8%EC)

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Deltar(Deltamethrin 2.8%EC)

₹ 675.00 / Qty

Insecticide  for control of:

  • Bollworms
  • Sucking Insects


  • Knockdown effect.
  • Deltamethrin exhibits a good residual activity due to a range of specific physicochemical properties.
  • Solubility in fatty tissues allowing a good penetration into cuticle of leaves. 
  • Very low solubility in water giving a good rain fastness.
  • Very low vapor pressure and therefore a good resistance to evaporation. Most effective synthetic pyrethroid because of single pure isomer.
  • Demonstrates repellent action and anti feeding properties.
  • Excellent rain-fastness.

Mode of Action:

  • It kills insects by contact and ingestion.


  • No specific Antidote is known.
  • Treat symptomatically.
  •  Antihistamines may be given for allergic manifestations.


  • 10 - 12.5 gm Ai / Ha


  • 400 to 500 ml / Ha