₹ 3600.00 / Qty

Description and features:

  • Fly-O-Flash uses the specific wavelength of UV light tube to attract insects

Special Function

  • Recycled, no sprays, no smell, no poison, no fumes, no mess, without any side effect, or bad reaction to human being
  • This is unit utilizing two high quality ultravoilet bulbs to attract insect which is then, eliminated by the high voltage current which runs through the electrified metal grids near the bulbs
  •  Circuit design with limit of electric current, low energy loss and high efficiency

Range of use and best usage:

  • Suitable for home, restaurants, hotel and offices
  • The effective area of this products is 80 sq. mtr. with correct using method 
  •  The best location is at the entrance of doors or windows. Please hang it on the height of 1.8 - 2.20 meters and keep 0.3 meters away from the wall


Rated VolatgeAC220V-240V/HZ

Power 2X20W

Size645X93 X 280 MM