Rodol (Herbal Rodenticide)

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Rodol (Herbal Rodenticide)

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Rodenticide for control of: 

  • Rodents


  • It contains other natural ingredients like broken cereals, vegetable fats & sweetening agent to make the bait as attractant to rodents for consumption
  • Comes in the form of scoured cake, which can be cut into 6 pieces, for convenient application and placement as bait
  • Completely non-toxic, leaves no harmful residues hence environmentally friendly
  • Dead rodents killed by this means, does not carry the risk of secondary poisoning

Mode of A Action

  • Rodol interferes the rodent’s water absorption, thus causing dehydration thereby decreasing the blood volume and blood pressure, tissue decay and circulation arrest, It also disrupts water & electrolyte balance and the ultimate result is death           


  • Accidental ingestion of it by pets or children is simply treated by giving laxatives, plenty of water and electrolytes